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Important things you should prepare for in finPOWER Connect 3.04.02.

illion BankStatements Request property “ProductVersion” updated
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illion BankStatements Request property “ProductVersion” updated
Previously the “ProductVersion” property of illion BankStatements Requests was set via the Cost Centre’s “API Version” setting. This was saved to the ISServiceLog table, ProductVersion column.

The way this was handled was problematic, as it had a dual meaning of the Data Version of the data returned from BankStatements and also the internal Request Version within finPOWER Connect.

As this setting could vary per Cost Centre, there was also an issue in that finPOWER Connect stored this value in the Request when the Request was first created. If the User then switched to another Cost Centre the value may be incorrect when the Request is sent.

Therefore the following changes have been made:

  • ProductVersion stored in the ISServiceLog table is now “2”.
  • A new property DataVersion has been added to ISBankAccountEnquiryRequest_BankStatements_CreateRequest and ISBankAccountEnquiryResponse_BankStatements_BrokerFlow.
    • This defines the BankStatements Data Version.
    • This is initialised to “<default>” and is resolved when the request is sent to BankStatements.
    • You may now override this value in the Request.
  • The ISBankAccountEnquiryResponse_BankStatements_DownloadData Response object has also been updated.
    • ProductVersion property is now obsoleted – but maintains backwards compatibility.
    • A new DataVersion property should now be used.
    • There are also new properties which simplify retrieving data:
      • Accounts
      • CentrelinkData
    • DecisionMetrics