finPOWER Connect

finPOWER Connect

Loan, Lending Management System

finPOWER Connect is the market leading, revolutionary finance software system designed specifically for the Lending, Finance and Investment industries. Drawing on over 30 years of experience in developing systems for the finance market and feedback from over 400 users around the world, finPOWER Connect from Intersoft Systems, offers a new way of thinking, a new level of design standard and a new platform to drive your business forward.

Why Use finPOWER Connect

Highly customisable to support your lending and borrowing products.
Script Automation
A smart method to automate processes and managing best practices.
Coding Conventions
Built on the Microsoft planform using recommended programming styles, practices and methods enabling a high level of application reliability and development.
Reduces Time
Streamline your loan business with workflows. Spend up to 40% less time on loan administration tasks after implementing workflows, significantly improving efficiency and the bottom line.
3rd Party Intergration
Connects easily with key 3rd party suppliers, and makes legislative compliance easy.

Key Industry Sectors

finPOWER Connect loan management software covers a wide range of application software areas, including:

  • Mortgage Software
  • Asset Financing Software
  • Commercial Lending Software
  • Equipment Leasing Software
  • Loan Management Software
  • Leasing Software
  • Chattel Mortgages Software
  • Residential Mortgages Software
  • Consumer Loan Software
  • Finance Company Software
  • Microfinance Loan Software
  • Mortgage Lending Software
  • Personal Loans Software
  • Consumer Loan software
  • Deposits Software

Core Features

finPOWER Connect is Australasia’s leading software package designed specifically for the demanding finance industry. Key features of the system are:

Client Relationships

When a client contacts you for whatever reason, you need to make sure you have all their information at your finger tips. finPOWER Connect has a comprehensive client file that easily and clearly lays out everything you need to know about your client.

Flexibility and Functionality

Whether you are looking to configure a unique lending product, a unique business model or a more conventional system, finPOWER Connect can assist you. There are numerous options that allow you to expand or contract the data set captured, alter the look and feel of Accounts and Clients, define your own fields and much more. Shown left are some of the options for entering a new Account.

Advanced Credit Control

Lending funds is easy – making sure it gets repaid on time, every time, takes your skill and a great system. finPOWER Connect has the ability to be customised to your specific credit collection processes and its functions range from the generation of SMS payment reminders to a full featured workflow engine.

External Interfaces

You do not exist in the finance world alone. Daily, you will directly interface with third party information providers such as Credit Reference Agencies, Banks and Security Registers. finPOWER Connect has a wide array of interfaces to these third parties that allow information to be exchanged electronically – cheaper, more accurately and much faster than any manual process!

Legislative Compliance

Whether you are in Australia and need to comply with the NCCPA or New Zealand and need to comply with the CCCFA, finPOWER Connect can assist you. All accounts can be configured to ensure only complying details are entered and finPOWER Connect can also assist in producing compliant Disclosure Statements and other documentation.

Audit and Control

Essential in any credible system is knowing what happened, when and by whom. Having an audit trail is not only necessary for accuracy and internal control, it is also a key management tool. finPOWER Connect prides itself on logging a host of activities that can occur in the system and stamping each transaction with Date, Time and User details. It also provides a full audit trail of interest calculations and methods


finPOWER Connect is developed to fit a wide range of business requirements and lending environments. To cater for this diversity, finPOWER Connect offers a range of modules that allow the system to be configured to meet individual requirements, allowing you to purchase only the specific features you require. These include:

Account Modules

Account Applications
Accounting Ledgers
Advanced Banking
External Interfaces

Account Type Modules

Deposit Accounts
Fixed Term Floating Rate
Loan Accounts
Fixed Term Accounts
Revolving Credit Loan Accounts

Client Modules

Additional Client Identification
and Information
Bank Account Enquiry
Client Statistics
Credit Enquiry
Comprehensive Credit Reporting

External Party Modules

External Parties
(Brokers, Dealers, etc)
Advanced External Parties
(Disbursements, Commissions, BDM)
External Users

General Modules

Accounting Interface
Document Manager
Electronic Signatures
Rate Tables
SMS Service
Web Automation

Securities Register Modules

PPSR Interface
Securities Register
Security Enquiry

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finPOWER Product Lines

finPOWER Connect

Current Version - 4.00.04

finPOWER Connect is a desktop-based application that can manage your entire loan and deposit life cycle. From Originations through to Servicing, Collections and Management, finPOWER Connect is an all encompassing system that can be tailored to your specific requirements and reflect your unique position in the market.

Windows desktop/server based, finPOWER Connect covers a wide range of functionality supporting the needs of many loan and deposit market segments.

Web Services

Current Version - 4.00.04

Web Services a.k.a. web applications and Customer Portals, provides a link for your business to allow your customers to apply for new loans and manage their existing loans on your website with integrated links to your finPOWER Connect system.

Online application forms integrate with finPOWER Connect to create clients and loan accounts automatically, and notify you immediately.

Customer portals allow returning clients to login and manage their existing loan or investments, and easily apply for additional products and services.

finPOWER Connect Cloud

Current Version - 4.00.04

finPOWER Connect Cloud is a browser-based version of finPOWER Connect that works in conjunction with finPOWER Connect Web Services and can be run on almost any device, e.g. Mac PCs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices.

Enables access to finPOWER Connect data from any modern Web browser for finance company staff and external agents with no need to install finPOWER Connect on user's PC or device.

Optimised for both mobile and desktop.