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Loan, Lending Management System

finPOWER Connect is a market leading, revolutionary finance software system designed specifically for the Lending, Finance and Investment industries. Drawing on over 30 years of experience in developing systems for the finance market and feedback from over 400 users around the world, finPOWER Connect from Intersoft Systems, offers a new way of thinking, a new level of design standard and a new platform to drive your business forward.

finPOWER Connect Loan Management system includes a core family of modules and many add-ons to provide a flexible Loan and Account management system that provides effective and profitable management of your ledger through the entire life cycle of your Accounts.

For Lenders, whether you offer Personal Loans, Chattel Mortgages, Consumer and Commercial Lines of Credit, Residential Mortgages, Asset Financing or Leasing, finPOWER Connect can be configured and customised to your specific requirements to reflect your unique position in the market.

If your position in the finance market includes taking investments from private or public clients, paying interest and handling Withholding Tax, then the finPOWER Connect Depositors Module is for you. The Depositors module can help streamline your administration function, improve visibility across the investment portfolio and reduce your compliance functions with comprehensive reports and automated tax handling.

finPOWER Connect loan management software covers a wide range of application software areas, including:

  • Mortgage Software
  • Asset Financing Software
  • Commercial Lending Software
  • Equipment Leasing Software
  • Loan Management Software
  • Leasing Software
  • Chattel Mortgages Software
  • Residential Mortgages Software
  • Consumer Loan Software
  • Finance Company Software
  • Microfinance Loan Software
  • Mortgage Lending Software
  • Personal Loans Software
  • Consumer Loan software
  • Deposits Software

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How Can It Save Time?

finPOWER Connect gives you more comprehensive information than other loan servicing software systems in an interface that is tailored to your business. You will be able to better serve your customers on every enquiry and quickly identify issues needing attention.

Streamlines your loan business by simplifying your workflow. Our clients spend upto 40% less time on loan administration tasks after switching, significantly improving their bottom line.

Connects easily with key 3rd party suppliers and makes legislative compliance simple.

finPOWER Connect Connects You

In the competitive finance industry, information is power and finPOWER Connect has the interfaces to the key information providers. With direct integration to these service providers from within finPOWER Connect , any information delivered from them is stored in the database and can be easily accessed by Decision cards or Users, either now or at some later date.

Some of the key information providers supported are:

  • PPSR

finPOWER Connect News

APLYiD; New AML Product within finPOWER Connect

APLYiD is an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) product that allows businesses to verify the identity of their customers, simply and easily. In order to use APLYiD within finPOWER Connect you must be licensed for the following modules: Web Service and Automation - finPOWER...

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“My List” Tab Added To Reporting View

The Reporting view in finPOWER Connect Cloud now has a "My List" tab which allows users to add reports that they commonly use to their own custom list. For example, users can add shortcuts to commonly used reports including any parameters and export options. The...

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Tasks View Future Dating

The Tasks view in finPOWER Connect Cloud can now show Tasks "as at" a specific date. For example, you may wish to see what Tasks (e.g., Accounts to review) are not due just yet but will be due by the end of the week. The online demo lets you check out the latest build...

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