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      Release History

      A summary of the changes in this version can be viewed here.

      Version 3.04.01

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      We are pleased to announce the release of finPOWER Connect version 3.04.01.

      To upgrade to this latest version please contact Full Circle or see the Downloads page.

      finPOWER Connect

      • Banking
        • Support added for Split Payments web based API in Australia
        • New file export service “ANZ MT101 Payments Australia (Direct Credit)”
      • NZ CCCFA changes
        • Account Payment Arrangement
          • Additional information saved for NZ CCCFA
          • Account Payment Arrangement sample document updated
            • “Variation Summary” table can now be included
      • Credit Bureaus
        • Centrix
          • PEP Watchlist item now supported as a hyperlink to open the item
        • Credit Sense (Version 2)
          • New option to specify Report Template when retrieving data
        • Equifax NZ
          • Added “Advanced Business Report” product
          • Updated Business Layer code to make scripting easier
        • RealAML service
          • Updated to latest specification
      • Messaging
        • TxtStream SMS Messaging Service
          • Added message “overhead” setting
      • Transactions
        • Withdrawal Elements now support “Due Immediately” setting
        • Transfer Elements now allow a Standard Transaction processing script to be used
      • Security Register
        • Land Items
          • Title field increased to 50 characters
        • PPSR B2G Search (Australia)
          • Now implemented for Account Applications
      • Documents
        • Added Pools range to Standard Parameters
      • Resources
        • Added support for PDF and Word Documents
      • Reports
        • Added “External Id” column to various Reports
        • Deposit/ Loan Weighted Interest Rate Reports
          • Grouped Rates showing incorrectly
      • HTML Widgets
        • New HTML Widgets
          • Edit Bank Transaction
        • Updated HTML Widgets
          • New Client (Individual and Organisation) wizards
            • Improved support if Industry Codes
          • Bank Entry
            • User may not be able to commit the batch
          • Centrix (New Zealand) Organisation Credit Enquiry
            • Now supports “Commercial Report” Product
          • Equifax NZ Organisation Credit Enquiry
            • Updated to support “Advanced Business Report”
          • RealAML Enquiry
          • Account Payment Details
            • Improved support for Cash Registers
          • Banking/ Payment entry updated to handle Split payment type
          • Background Processes
            • Updated to support additional statuses
      • Portals
        • Added customer “Locked Out” message for Client and User-based Portals
        • Client and User password reset emails are now audited
      • User Interface
        • Added optional support for the new Edge (Chromium) based “WebView2” control
      • Scripting
        • New “Power Tools” right-click menu added
          • Allows sorting of variable declaration and methods
        • Script form now includes a new “Knowledge Base” action to lookup the Intersoft Knowledgebase
      • .NET Framework
        • Updated to use .NET Framework 4.8
      • Support Information
        • Updated Windows Version, Architecture, .NET Implementation and Process Architecture information
        • Future Compatibility section added
        • Added “Service Log Information” section
        • Added SQL Server warnings if Triggers found

      finPOWER Connect Cloud

      • Workflows
        • Register Security Statement items are now supported
        • Security Register Search items are now supported
      • Banking
        • Support added for Split Payments web based API in Australia
      • Security Register
        • Registration number search now supported for Australian databases
        • Perform B2G Updates action added for Australian databases
      • User Interface
        • Title now displays “(Read-Only)” if the current User has Read-Only access or the database is set to be Read-Only
        • Modal forms are now styled differently on small mobile devices
        • “Shut Down” warnings as defined under User Preferences can now be viewed when signing out
        • Login form now auto-recovers from Web Services being unavailable
        • Notifications menu now displays a search box above the grid
      • .NET Framework
        • Updated to use .NET Framework 4.8 (including Web Services)
      • Support Information
        • Service Log Summary Information for Services added to Help, About form
      • Other
        • Sending a User Password Reset Email is now audited

      For a full list of all the release notes click here.