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      A summary of the changes in this version can be viewed here.

      version 3.02.04

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      We are pleased to announce the release of finPOWER Connect version 3.02.04.

      To upgrade to this latest version please contact Full Circle or see the Downloads page.

      • Accounts
        • Loan Accounts
          • Added option to round-up the Regular Payment
          • Added option to adjust the final Regular Payment before a Balloon Payment
        • Account Calculations
          • New script event added to Validate/ Update properties before a Quotation calculation
        • Standard Transactions
          • New Permission Keys to prevent Adding, Updating or Deleting of Standard Transactions
        • Account Type Rules
          • Updated behaviour of Overdue Days condition where using Business Days
        • Account Processes
          • Statement should not have been generated if Transactions failed to commit
      • Branches/ Entities
        • You can no longer make all Branches/ Entities inactive
      • Payment Arrangement wizard
        • New option to default “Print Advice?” as checked or unchecked
      • Banking
        • Payment Express (Windcave) Payline Bank Export now support Token Payment Methods
      • Task Manager
        • New Account Range filters added
      • Credit Bureaus
        • Defaults
          • New “In Legal” option added
        • Credit Enquiry form
          • New Permission to prevent Individual information from being updated
        • illion (New Zealand)
          • Added support for Consumer Enquiry and Quotation Seeker products, including MOJ and Negative/ Comprehensive ReportingCentrix (New Zealand)
        • Update Commercial Credit Report to version 16.05
          • Equifax (New Zealand)
        • Standard Business Report updated to version 1.4
      • Security Register
        • Updated PPSR NZ Organisation Search
      • Accounting Interface
        • Xero Accounting Interface updated to use OAuth 2.0 authorisation
      • Electronic Signatures
        • Secured Signing; added option to extend the due date
      • Reports
        • Deposit Summary Report; added “Term in Months” column
        • Transaction List Report; added GST columns
      • HTML Widgets
        • New Checklist control added
        • New Widgets
          • Account Minimum Payment Change wizard
          • Approve Disbursements wizard
          • Account Processes wizard
          • Close Tax Period wizard
          • Investment Income Report Export wizard
          • Equifax (Australia) Individual Credit Enquiry
          • Equifax (New Zealand) Organisation Credit Enquiry
        • Updated Widgets
          • Bank Account Enquiry and Credit Enquiry HTML Widgets updated to support Branches and Account Applications
      • Portals
        • Added custom error pages
      • Client Connect Sample Portal
        • Added customisable Broadcast message facility
        • Added Marketing message facility
        • Added “Upcoming” page
        • Added “Close Quotation” function for Loan Accounts
        • Enhanced Documents drilldown
        • New option to allow Users to directly update Contact Addresses and Methods
        • Configuration HTML Widget added
        • finPOWER Client Connect Sample Portal Guide is now available
      • Auditing
        • Admin forms; now include full audit of Constants
        • Workflow Type “Users” page is now audited

      For a full list of all the release notes click here.

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