finPOWER Connect

Web Interface

The finPOWER Connect Web Interface recognises the importance of being on the Web, whether it be a secure site for Dealers and Brokers to review Accounts they are associated with or an online quoting and Application form.

The finPOWER Connect Web Interface is a portal to the main finPOWER Connect database but limits the functionality and features to those that might be required by External Users such as Dealer or Brokers. These include such features as:

  • Enquiring on the status of an Account
  • Adding Log notes to a Client or Account
  • Creating and submitting a secure Quotation
  • Action “Task List” items

Online Demonstration

To view an online demonstration of the finPOWER Connect Web Interface, click here and enter the following user credentials:

  • User Id: admin
  • Password: admin

If you are using a mobile device, tick the “Mobile” option to optimise for mobile devices.

Loan Quote

The finPOWER Connect Web Interface also provides the ability to include loan quoting facilities, and simple data-entry application forms on your website.

Click here to view an example of an ad hoc Quote form. In this example the user entering the Quote is not a logged in finPOWER Connect User.

If you are a logged in finPOWER Connect User, then more functionality can be incorporated. For example Quote forms click here and here, and login in with a User Id and Password of “admin”, “admin”.

Please note that the samples above are just examples of what can be achieved and can be customised to a greater or lesser extent to reflect your specific branding and functionality requirements.

System Requirements

For more information on the minimum requirements of the finPOWER Connect Web Interface click here