Modules and Add-Ons

finPOWER Connect is developed to fit a wide range of business requirements and lending environments. To cater for this diversity, finPOWER Connect offers a range of Add-On’s (modules) that allows the system to be configured to meet individual requirements, allowing you to purchase only the specific features that you require.

The Add-On’s available are grouped into seven main categories:

Account Add-Ons

Accounting Ledgers

Adopting the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) will require many finance companies to recognise deferred revenue from their lending activities over the term of the loans involved.

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Advanced Banking

Where you want to offer the convenience of Direct Debit and Credit Card payments to your clients, then the finPOWER Connect Advanced Banking Add-On facilitates the automatic creation of bank transactions.

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Do you need to offer limited time frame “promotions” to a selected group of Agents or Dealers? The finPOWER Connect Promotions Add-On allows standard loan characteristics, such as interest rate or interest free term, to be overridden for a specified time and can be applied to only a limited group of introducers

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Account Type Modules

Deposit Accounts

The finPOWER Connect Deposit Accounts Module provides functionality to operate both On Call and Term Deposits/ Investments.

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Fixed Term Floating Loan Accounts

Where an Account is provided with a floating or variable interest rate, the Fixed Term Floating Rate Loan Accounts module is ideal.

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Fixed Term Loan Accounts

The Fixed Term Accounts Module provides core functionality to operate standard Consumer Credit type Loan Accounts and any sort of Account with a structured payment plan.

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Revolving Credit Loan Accounts

Revolving Credit facilities are becoming an important financing tool for the modern finance company as they embrace the “Customer for life” philosophy.

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Client Add-Ons


In Australia the finPOWER Connect Addressing Add-On allows a search of relevant Statewide Post Codes for a given address.

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Advanced Clients

The base finPOWER Connect system comes with a comprehensive client file, but where additional information is required to be captured, the finPOWER Connect Advanced Client Add-On can be used.

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Client Statistics

An important evaluation criteria of any client is their ability to service a Loan. To measure this you need to record their essential Client Statistics, i.e. Income, Expenses, Assets and Liabilities, and track changes in these over time.

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Credit Enquiry

The finPOWER Connect Credit Enquiry Add-On provides functionality to enquire on a Client’s credit history in both Australia and New Zealand.

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External Party Add-Ons

Advanced External Parties

The finPOWER Connect Advanced External Parties Add-On expands on the functionality of the External Parties Add-On with the addition of three key areas; Disbursements,

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External Parties

External Parties include all the organisations and relationships you have outside of your core business unit, eg the Dealers and Brokers that sell your products.

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External Users

Once you have the External Parties Add-On, the finPOWER Connect External Users Add-On allows remote access to the finPOWER Connect database.

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If you fund all or part of your loan portfolio via a securitised funding line, then the Securitisation Module can manage the daily transaction flows:

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General Add-Ons

Accounting Interface

The finPOWER Connect Accounting Interface Add-On allows you to export bank, cash and accounting transactions such as payments,

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The finPOWER Connect Branches Add On allows you to segment your business into “Branches”. Each Branch can have its own:

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Document Manager

Doing battle in the Paper War just got easier. The finPOWER Connect Document Manager Add On allows electronic documents and files to be displayed in either the Client,

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The finPOWER Connect Entities Add-On allows you to maintain separate Entities in the one database. Each Entity can be a separate legal entity as details are recorded for:

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Page Sets

The finPOWER Connect Page Sets Add On allows custom User Interface forms to be created. The application of Page Sets is potentially limitless,

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Rate Tables

When you are using the Revolving Credit Module, the finPOWER Connect Rate Tables Add-On allows you to change the Interest Rates in accordance with a schedule of Rates.

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SMS Service

The finPOWER Connect SMS Services Add-On provides the ability to send SMS TXT messages directly from finPOWER Connect. Any replies from the client are sent directly to the.

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Web Automation

This Module allows the finPOWER Connect Business Layer to be used by custom applications running on a Microsoft IIS Web Server. This is essential where you wish to develop a web portal

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Web Interface

The finPOWER Connect Web Interface recognises the importance of being on the Web, whether it be a secure site for Dealers and Brokers to review Accounts they are associated with or an online quoting and Application form.

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The finPOWER Connect Workflows Add-On adds functionality to implement Workflows processing. Whether it is Overdue Monitoring, Collections, Application Processing or Documentation checks any process that follows a set process of rules and steps

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Securities Register Add-Ons

PPSR Interface

To enter Financing Statements into either the Australian or New Zealand PPS Registers, you can either manually enter them via the PPSR Web interface or use the finPOWER Connect PPSR Add-On. This Add-On electronically registers the Security in the PPSR and returns the relevant registration details. Ongoing management of the registrations, such as Amendments and Discharges, is as simple as clicking a button

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Securities Register

Within finPOWER Connect the Security Register Add-On provides a central point to record details of security interests you have. It adds key functionality to record collateral information to an Account and/or Clients. Whether your collateral is Land and Buildings, Motor Vehicles, Insurance Policies, Aircraft, Boats, Investments or general goods the Security Register module will capture all the relevant information relating to it.

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