finPOWER Connect Cloud

finPOWER Connect Cloud is a browser-based version of finPOWER Connect that works in conjunction with the finPOWER Connect Web Services.

Key fetures include

  • Access to finPOWER Connect data from any modern Web browser
    • For Finance Company staff and external Agents
    • No need to install finPOWER Connect
    • Optimised for both Mobile and Desktop
  • Quick searching of data
    • Clients, Accounts, Securities etc
  • Clients, Accounts, Account Applications, Securities and Workflows
    • View full information as per the Desktop version of finPOWER Connect
      • Including Credit Enquiries, Bank Account Enquiries and other information
    • Add Logs
    • Send Emails
    • Send SMS messages
    • Publish Documents
      • Including creating an Account Settlement Summary

More advanced functionality

  • Workflow processing
  • Tasks View
    • Smart Lists
  • Management Dashboard
    • Built-in Management Reporting
    • Customisable

Customisable User Interface and Content

  • Theme Colours
  • Logo Images
  • Menus
  • Content
    • Summary Pages
    • HTML Widgets
    • Smart Lists
  • Customised Management Reporting

Customisable Security

  • Via finPOWER Connect Permissions Keys
  • Simplified finPOWER Connect Cloud settings
    • E.g., restrict Dealers or Brokers from viewing certain menu items

For more information please contact us.

Online Demonstration

Our online demonstration is available at:
finPOWER Connect Cloud has the ability to view records and perform other functionality via a URL:

Hosting finPOWER Connect Cloud

finPOWER Connect Web Services and finPOWER Connect Cloud must be hosted by the User.
See finPOWER Connect Web Services Requirements for more information on requirements.