Value Add Add-Ons

Electronic Death Registrations (EDI Add-On)

The electronic death registrations facility (EDI Interface Add-On) allows a file to be created from fdPower for transmission to State Registries. The States that support this facility are:

  • South Australia
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Queensland
  • Western Australia


Third Party Accounting Interface Add On

The Third Party Accounting Export Add-On allows fdPower users to sending accounting data such as Invoices to third party accounting systems you already use such, as MYOB and QuickBooks.


PreNeed Add On

This facility allows fdPOWER to fully manage Pre-Need/Pre-Paid Arrangements. Simply record the details associated with the Funeral Plan/Bond. fdPOWER can produce the relevant paperwork including the contract document and record details of the pre-payment(s). For those Pre-Need Arrangements that are being paid off by installments, let fdPOWER assist with managing the installments as they fall due or overdue. For Australian users, fdPOWER will even assist by calculating the GST obligations associated with Pre-Paid Funerals.

When the Arrangement becomes ‘At Need’ simply change the status of the Arrangement from ‘Pre-Need’ to ‘At Need’, update the applicable information and produce the necessary paper work for the funeral including the claim form for the Pre-Paid Fund Provider. fdPOWER keeps track of whether a gain or loss has been made on the funeral and allow refunds of gains to be returned to the family if applicable.

Where the Family have requested additional items outside of the contracted supply, fdPOWER can produce a separate invoice for the family.


Additional Add Ons

Other additional Add-Ons available for fdPOWER include:

Library Editor

The Library Editor is used to change the standard Charge Types, Employee Types and Name Types. These “types” allow for additional grouping options.

Table Editor

The Table Editor can be used to alter the standard database tables and fields.

Page Editor

The Page Editor Add-On is used to alter the way the screens look and where they appear in the sequence. Individual Pages can be customised to reflect the exact requirements of the Funeral Director.

Arrangement Types

Arrangement Types allow you to add new or change standard Arrangement Types, eg Repatriations, and to customise the defaults and setting for each Type. Options included the layout and presentation of the data screens, Documents and default Invoice charges.

Editor Combo Pack

The Editor Combo Pack incorporates the Library, Table and Page Editor and Arrangement Types Add-Ons. This Pack is most useful for those Funeral Directors that want to fully customise their system.

Branch Editor

The Branch Editor allows additional Branches to be added, meaning multiple operation centres can be tracked and analysed.

Hebrew Date

The Hebrew Date Add-On provides Hebrew date capabilities as well as Georgian dates. Hebrew dates can be specified to include “after Sunset” options.

Mobile Data Entry

The Mobile Data Entry Add-On allows Funeral Directors to enter Funeral Arrangement information into fdPOWER while not connected to the primary database, then when a network connection is established, the main database is updated with the new information.

This Add-On is ideal if the Funeral Director wishes to enter Arrangement information onto a Laptop when they are with the Family and then update the information when they return to the office.

Register Add-on

The Register Add-On allows Arrangement details to include “Log Entries” to record notes against the Arrangement. Log entries can incorporate an action date for To Do type lists, links to other files and documents and reminders.

Cemetery Planner Add-On

The Cemetery Planner Add-on to fdPOWER means fdPOWER no longer just handles the requirements of the Funeral Industry but now also handles the requirements of Cemeteries and Crematoria.

Cemeteries / Memorial Gardens are divided into Sections/Areas, with Rows and Lots/Sites then assigned within each Section. Information relating to the deceased or the pre-purchase of a site) is then recorded and allocated to a specific Lot. Using a Windows Explorer type tool, graphical representations of any area can be easily generated.