We are pleased to announce the release of finPOWER Connect version 3.02.03.

To upgrade to this latest version please contact Full Circle or see the Downloads page.

  • Some of the highlights include:Clients
    • New Client Bank Account Change wizard
  • Loan Accounts
    • New option to NOT Direct Debit a Balloon Payment
    • New option added to Refinance to hold Credit Limits
  • Task Manager
    • New Branch and Entity columns available for Monitored Account folders
  • Credit Bureau “Quotation Enquiries”
    • New Global Setting to enable/ disable Quotation Credit Enquiry confirmations
    • New option to confirm Quotation Credit Enquiries during Account Processes
  • Credit Bureau Defaults
    • New option to include/ exclude Guarantors
      Functionality enhanced to cancel non-uploaded items
  • Equifax NZ
    • New Credit Bureau service
    • Added Standard Business Report
      • Note, this replaces the VedaXMLNZ “Company Enquiry”
  • NZ Government Interface
    • Updated NZBN functions to use version 4 of the specification
  • NZ PPSR Interface
    • PPSR have fixed issue returning incorrect values for “Financing Statement Versions” request
  • Reports
    • Added “Account Type (As At Date)” and other columns as at the Report date
  • Word Documents
    • New Standard Bookmarks added
  • HTML Widgets
    • Added Client Bank Account Change wizard
    • Account Refinance HTML Widget now support Account Type promotions
    • New Disbursement options for Transaction Entry HTML Widget
    • New function added to determine whether a colour is dark or light
  • Portals
    • New Login form options
    • Added Client Connect Portal sample
    • Added Version information
    • Added PWA options
  • Global Settings
    • Option added to embed Desktop Background image in the database

For a full list of all the release notes click here.