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A new version of finPOWER Connect has been released.

Some of the highlights are:

  • User Interface enhancements.
    • Record Bookmarking added.
    • Quick Search Summary; now includes Log, Email and SMS actions.
    • Email Address and Phone Numbers; validation of email and phone numbers added.
  • Supported Countries.
    • Added support for United States of America.
  • Time Zones.
    • Time Zone support added.
  • Account Applications.
    • Now in General Release.
  • Accounts.
    • Standard Transactions now support a Value Basis of “Percent of Regular Payment”.
    • Accounting Ledgers now include a new “Suspended” Status.
  • Documents.
    • Word and Excel Template Document may now be embedded into the Document record.
    • New “Word Document” document type.
      • Does not require Microsoft Word.
      • Much faster to create a document.
      • Create PDF files.
      • New Print Documents wizard.
  • Banking.
    • Direct Debits now support combining Transactions for the same main Client, Bank Account etc.
    • New “CBA CommBiz Priority Payments” service added for Australia.
  • Credit Bureau.
    • Added Centrix NZ Consumer Address Trace facility.
    • Added Centrix NZ Consumer Monitoring facility.
    • Centrix now support retrieving existing Reports (where available).
    • NZ Companies Office interface updated to version 3 specification.
  • Securities.
    • Insurance Company can now link to External Party Insurers.
  • Security Enquiries.
    • MotorWeb; Sign-up link and Product Names updated.
    • Centrix Wheels; now includes COF status fields.
  • Scripting.
    • Additional Code Snippets added.
    • Performance optimisations.
  • Performance.
    • New “Preload information when opening database” option added.
    • Large Scripts now compile much faster.
    • New Database indexes to speed up some queries.

Click here for a full list of release notes.

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