The Client Type Change wizard allows a Client that has been added with the incorrect Client Type to be changed. I.e. from Individual Client to an Organisation Client. 
The Client Type cannot be changed if the client is a Special Client i.e. linked to a Branch or External Party and also if the Client has linked Employments or Organisation Personnel. 

  1. From the ‘Client’ menu, select ‘Client Type Change’
  2. Select the Client you wish to update
  3. Select the new Client Type you wish to change to
  4. Enter the person authorising the changed Client Type. This may be the Account’s Manager, a Loans Officer or someone else. 
  5. You can enter a reason for the change if desired and optionally tick the box to create a Log if required, click ‘Next’
  6. Fill out log details if you selected to create one, otherwise, click ‘Finish’