The ability to view and manage tasks has been added to finPOWER Connect Cloud, our Web-based version of finPOWER Connect.

The online-demonstration allows you to sign-in and check out the latest build of finPOWER Connect Cloud.

This will be regularly updated to show new features and functionality and may not match any screenshots shown in this article.


finPOWER Connect Cloud now has a Web-optimised way of dealing with task management: the “Tasks” view.

This is a highly customisable view based on Smart Lists.

The Tasks View

A new Tasks” view icon is displayed below (or to the right-of in mobile) the Search icon:

This allows access to finPOWER Connect Cloud’s new task management functionality.

The view consists of several user-definable tabs, each of which represents a “Task Group”. This is simply a way of grouping similar tasks.

Clicking an item in the Task Group displays a grid of tasks, a summary to the right and buttons below to perform actions:


These “Task Groups” are fully customisable. This includes their colour, icon and the list of items they display. Generally this will be Smart Lists but may also include HTML Widgets.

Smart Lists

finPOWER Connect can automatically populate Task Groups (via the finPOWER Connect Cloud Configuration wizard) that provide built-in functionality to handle tasks such as Logs, Account Applications, Monitored Accounts and Workflows.

Behind the scenes, these items are “Smart List” type Scripts.

The finPOWER Connect 3 Smart Lists document contains a tutorial on creating Smart Lists from scratch.