The ability to run reports and export report data has been added to finPOWER Connect Cloud, our Web-based version of finPOWER Connect.

Our online-demonstration allows you to sign-in and check out the latest build of finPOWER Connect Cloud.

This will be regularly updated to show new features and functionality and may not match any screenshots shown in this article.


The desktop version of finPOWER Connect has a Report Explorer from which available reports can be run.

You can now run these reports from finPOWER Connect Cloud.

The Reporting View

A new “Reporting” view icon is displayed below (or to the right-of in mobile) the Tasks View icon:

This allows access to finPOWER Connect Cloud’s new reporting functionality.

The view consists of several tabs. The first shows a filterable list of all available reports (including Report Templates). The smaller tabs to the right show the reports in their respective categories.

A special “Download” tab displays a list of all completed and running reports and allows the reports and report data to be downloaded.

Running a Report

Clicking a report link shows the parameter entry form for the report:

From this form, you can specify the “Format”, i.e., Page Size and Orientation.

You can also choose to “Export” the report data, e.g., to produce a .CSV or .XLSX file. The ability to export report data can be configured from the finPOWER Connect Cloud Configuration form within finPOWER Connect.

Reports are always generated as PDF files.

Clicking the “Run” button starts the report running and automatically takes you to the “Download” tab where, after a brief pause, the report will appear in the list.

Downloading a Report

The “Download” tab shows a count of all reports either running or available to download.

From this tab you can download the report PDF, re-run the report and delete the report.

If report data was exported, 2 additional files will be available to download:

  • The exported data file, e.g., a .CSV or .XLSX file
  • A ZIP file that contains both the report PDF and the exported data file