Records, such as Accounts and Clients, can be opened from many sources, e.g., via a Search, or a hyperlink on a summary page.

The “Records” view is where records are displayed and, as such, is where users will likely spend the majority of their time in finPOWER Connect Cloud.

The online-demonstration allows you to sign-in and check out the latest build of finPOWER Connect Cloud.

This will be regularly updated to show new features and functionality and may not match any screenshots shown in this article.

The Records View

A “Records” view icon is displayed below (or to the right-of in mobile) the Home icon:

The Records view shows multiple tabs, each of which displays a record such as a Client or Account, although, other information such as Management Reports (via HTML Widgets) can be displayed too.

The number of tabs allowed is dependent on the device being used, e.g., an iPhone may limit the view to two tabs, whereas a Windows PC may have a limit of eight tabs.

Tabs can be closed using the cross to the right of each tab.

Recent and Bookmarked Buttons

The top-right of the Records view displays three icons. The first two are the “Recent” and “Bookmarked” buttons.

Clicking either of these icons displays a menu from which records can quickly be opened.


This shows a list of recent records visited by the user. The most recently visited are shown at the top of the list and those visited in the current session are shown in bold:


Records are bookmarked via the Bookmark icon in the top-right of the record’s header.

Bookmarked records appear in the Bookmarked menu from which records can be opened and bookmarks deleted:

Side-by-Side View

The third button at the top-right of the Records view toggles “side-by-side” view. This view displays tabs next to each other, e.g.:

Records can be temporarily “minimised” when in this view. This allows you to have, say, four tabs open and just view two records side-by-side (rather than all four).

Right-Click Menus

Right-clicking a tab presents a context menu allowing you to do the following:

  • Close this tab, all tabs or all tabs except this tab
  • Pin/ Unpin the tab (explained in the next section)
  • Show in a new browser window (useful if you have multiple screens)
  • Move the tab left or right

Right-clicking the tab strip background gives the following options:

  • Close all tabs
  • Reopen tabs recently closed within this session

Pinned Tabs

Right-clicking a tab gives you the option to “Pin” the tab.

Pinned tabs display a Pin icon:

Pinned tabs are opened automatically upon signing in to finPOWER Connect Cloud on the device from which the tab was pinned.