Management Reports are available to finPOWER Connect Cloud in the form of HTML Widgets and can be viewed in the form of interactive Dashboards.

Several of these reports are supplied with finPOWER Connect and these can be used as-is or as a starting point for creating your own, customised, reports.

The online-demonstration allows you to sign-in and check out the latest build of finPOWER Connect Cloud.


finPOWER Connect and finPOWER Connect Cloud ship with a number of system-supplied HTML Widget Management Reports.

Examples of available reports (as at version 3.01.00) are:

  • Promise Management Summary
  • Accounts Breakdown
  • Account Applications Breakdown
  • Workflows Breakdown


  • The system-supplied Management Reports implement all or some of these features:
  • The ability to be displayed in “Dashboard” mode, i.e., the screen is divided into multiple scrollable panels.
  • The ability to be displayed in “Page” mode. This stacks the various panels underneath each other and is more suitable for small, mobile, devices.
  • Selectable time periods.
  • Selectable basis.
  • Customisable columns for the main and breakdown grids.
  • Multiple charts which may be based on:
    • The selected column (highlighted in green)
    • The overall results in the main grid.
    • The results in the breakdown grid.
  • Exporting the main or breakdown grid to an Excel Workbook.

Advanced Options

All of the system-supplied Management Reports have an “Advanced Customisation” section at the bottom of their Parameters.

This allows a custom SQL Where clause to be added to the query results for example to only include a specific sub-set of Application Types.

A custom report title can also be specified, e.g., “Deposit Applications”.