We are always looking at ways to enhance the finPOWER Connect Cloud user interface to provide the best possible experience on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Our online-demonstration allows you to sign-in and check out the latest build of finPOWER Connect Cloud.

This will be regularly updated to show new features and functionality added to the loan servicing software and may not match any screenshots shown in this article.

Minimising Modal Forms

Modal forms are an ever-present part of the finPOWER Connect Cloud User Interface.

Making a form modal allows the user to focus on the task at hand and prevents the User Interface from becoming too cluttered. It also prevents the user from performing tasks that may be in conflict with each other.

However, when a modal form is displayed, since the rest of the User Interface is inaccessible, it may actually hinder the user from performing a task.

For example, the user may be entering a new Account Log and, when entering the notes, may wish to review the Account’s status information.

The new “Minimise” button allows the user to do this by temporarily minimising the modal form:

When a modal form is minimised, no other modal forms can be opened and the minimised form will jiggle about in the lower-right of the screen.

Tab Customisation

By default, record forms such as the Client form will display a list of all available tabs.

This list varies based on licensing options and also the various permission keys such as “Client.Form.Page.Profile” that can be set within finPOWER Connect.

However, consider the following situation:

A particular group of users is, on a day-to-day basis, not interested in a Client’s Statistics, Workflows, Files etc. They want to focus in on Contact Details and Logs only.

However, they would still like to be able to view these pages if need be.

Action Scripts (defined on the Menus & Actions pages of the finPOWER Connect Cloud Configuration form) can be used to achieve this.

The following Action Script will hide all pages except General, Contacts and Logs. It will also force the “Logs” page to be displayed before “Contacts”:

Public Function Main(source As Object,                      headerInfo As finCloudConnectFormHeaderInfo,                      requestInfo As finScriptRequestInfo) As Boolean    Dim Page As finCloudConnectFormHeaderInfoPage    ' Assume Success   Main = True    ' Set Page Order and Visibility   headerInfo.Pages.SetPageOrder("General,Logs,Contacts", True, False) End Function

This False parameter ensures that Summary Pages such as “Key Details” are not hidden by default.

This results in the following user interface:

Form Actions

As finPOWER Connect Cloud matures, more and more actions will be added to forms such as Account and Client.

A filter box has been added to the top of the actions form to allow actions to be quickly located:

Compact Mode

The finPOWER Connect Cloud user interface and information displayed within it is designed to be easy to read and navigate, even on touch devices.

Some users may wish for a greater “information density”.

The “Device Options” form (available from the User menu) now has a “Compact Mode?” option.

Together with the “Maximise viewable content” button, this can vastly increase the amount of information shown on screen, particularly when displaying grids such as Client Logs.

Default User Interface

Compact Mode On

Compact Mode On and “Maximise viewable content” Checked