APLYiD is an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) product that allows businesses to verify the identity of their customers, simply and easily.

In order to use APLYiD within finPOWER Connect you must be licensed for the following modules:

Web Service and Automation – finPOWER Connect Web Services and Automation Add-On
Credit Enquiries – finPOWER Connect Credit Enquiry Add-On.

To setup an Account with APLYiD you should first contact Full Circle.

APLYiD Setup

Once signed up with APLYiD, you should log into the APLYiD website, https://www.aplyid.com/. Once signed into the Portal, expand Admin and go to the API page. From here you can see the API Key and API Secret that must be entered in finPOWER Connect. The Callback Web hook URL needs to be entered here and is formatted as follows:

Substitute [WebService URL] to your web server base URL.

finPOWER Connect Setup

Within finPOWER Connect, the credentials from the APLYiD portal are entered into the corresponding fields within the Cost Centres section, APLYiD, Credentials Tab.
Additionally, tick the ‘Use Service’ checkbox at the top of the page.

Cost Centres, Credentials Page

Cost Centres, Options Page
Make sure the ‘Enable Credit Enquiry’ checkbox is ticked.

Your business is now ready to start using APLYiD.

The Credit Enquiry Process

The Business User performs a standard Credit Enquiry on the Client, selects ‘Aply’ from the list and clicks next.

They then need to check that the Client Name and Mobile phone number is correct and click Next.

The Client receives a link via a text message which will step them through document scanning and biometrics without the need to download an ‘application’. The link is sent via Text because the Client receiving the link needs to be able to access their camera in order to complete the biometrics.

finPOWER Connect receives the results once the Client has completed the steps required. A partial screen shot of the results is shown below:

As you can see from the screen shot, the outcomes include not only Biometrics but Tampering Checks, Location and PEP Watchlist. Clicking on the ‘View Report’ button will open a PDF document created by APLYiD which shows the following:

  • Overview, including whether the Outcome is a Pass or Fail.
  • Submitted data
  • ID Document Data
  • A copy of the ID Document
  • Tampering Checks
  • A Summary of the data source searched
  • Face Scan and how the pictures compare
  • Face match and ‘Liveness’ breakdowns.

The PDF document is a permanent record which will reside on the Client Logs, whereas the data captured within the APLYiD site will be archived after 6 – 7 days.

For More information about APLYiD

Please go to the APLYiD website for more information on how the Biometrics are captured and to request a Demo, https://www.aplyid.com