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finPOWER Connect is developed to fit a wide range of business requirements and lending environments. To cater for this diversity, finPOWER Connect offers a range of modules that allow the system to be configured to meet individual requirements, allowing you to purchase only the specific features you require. These include:

Account Modules

Account Applications
Accounting Ledgers
Advanced Banking
External Interfaces

Account Type Modules

Deposit Accounts
Fixed Term Floating Rate
Loan Accounts
Fixed Term Accounts
Revolving Credit Loan Accounts

Client Modules

Additional Client Identification
and Information
Bank Account Enquiry
Client Statistics
Credit Enquiry
Comprehensive Credit Reporting

External Party Modules

External Parties
(Brokers, Dealers, etc)
Advanced External Parties
(Disbursements, Commissions, BDM)
External Users

General Modules

Accounting Interface
Document Manager
Electronic Signatures
Rate Tables
SMS Service
Web Automation

Securities Register Modules

PPSR Interface
Securities Register
Security Enquiry